computer full form
Computer Full Form

The computer is one of the best things in this world to complete your life perfectly. It provides you the lots of features and also makes much easy your life but today I tell you the meaning Computer Full Form.

Everbody about know the Computer but he does not know the Computer Full Form so that why today I write this article.

So now let’s begin and see the full form of Computer.

Computer Full Form

C ⇒ Commonly

O ⇒ Operated

M ⇒ Machine

P ⇒ Particularly

U ⇒ Used for

T ⇒ Technology

E ⇒ Education and

R ⇒ Research

I know it is very long and also very difficult to learn but If you trying to learn Computer Full Form so you can easily learn this.

Now see the full form of Computer is Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used For Technology Education And Research.

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