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computer full form
Computer Full Form

The computer is one of the best things in this world to complete your life perfectly. It provides you the lots of features and also makes much easy your life but today I tell you the meaning Computer Full Form.

Everbody about know the Computer but he does not know the Computer Full Form so that why today I write this article.

At this time Computer is the really basic thing but some people interested to earn the full information about the computer and Full Form is also another reason to archive info.

Now we asked you the one question, Do you know the computer founder name? I think you do not know because If you know this Full Form so you never come on our website.

So now let’s begin and see the full form of Computer.

Computer Full Form

Computer Full Form

C ⇒ Commonly

O ⇒ Operated

M ⇒ Machine

P ⇒ Particularly

U ⇒ Used for

T ⇒ Technology

E ⇒ Education and

R ⇒ Research

Computer FullForm

I know it is very long and also very difficult to learn but If you trying to learn Computer Full Form so you can easily learn this.

Now see the full form of Computer is Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used For Technology Education And Research.

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Computer Founder Name

Charles Babbage

Charles Babbage is the founder of computer and he is the mechanical engineer guy who runs his mind like a machine that why he built the module of the computer.

If Charles Babbage does not invent the Desktop (the computer) so we will never expect how our life running. I am personally really like Charles Babbage because of his vision.

He wastes his 3 years to struggle to invent the computer but after 3 years he successfully creates the module of the computer.

At the current time, This world is doing all work on a computer.

Computer Founded Date And Year

Computer Founded Date And Year

The first full computer invented from 1943 to 1946 by the J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly. Charles Babbage only built the computer module since 1771. I hope you understand about the difference between module and Full computer.

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