How To Update Kodi On Firestick?

How To Update Kodi

I know you are come here to know the how to update KodiĀ on firestick? but If you do not check the latest version of firestick so I recommend you to check it.

In the latest version of the firestick, Amazon improves his quality and also decrease the price.

Many of the peoples looking for this kind of update Kodi on firestick but he unable to updated and his data or add-ons also removed from the firestick.

Tip: Check all the steps clearly and also watch the below youtube video because If you do mistake on it so your existing add-ons or data will be removed from your firestick so be careful.

I hope you already read the above warning but If you did not read the above warning so read first then come back here to check more full article.

So now we start this article and check the full guide of how to update Kodi on firestick tv so let’s begin without wasting your valuableĀ time?

How To Update Kodi On Firestick?

Today, In this article, I tell you the best method to easily update the Kodi and you don’t need to do anything just do the process with our guide and your Kodi successfully updated in some time.

To update this you need to one software and his name is Es File Explorer software, It is the amazing software and this software really helped you to update the Kodi.

You just need to go on Amazon App Store, after successfully visit the store you need to search the ES File Explorer and he shows you the best result on the top.

Pro Tip: You can also use the Downloader app of your firestick to download ES File Explorer.

But before downloading this software you need to download any Downloader software from the Amazon App Store.

Some time, If you start the updating your firestick so you face the buffering problem but you don’t worry, I tell you this problem best method to solve easily.

Go to the official website of YouTube and search your query on the YouTube.

He shows you the best result and your problem also solved in minutes but If you do not want to go there when I tell you here.

Here is the Kodi Buffering Issue solved video so check here and come back to the other step.

If I tell you the Kodi updating guide so I think you can’t do it perfectly so I think the best option for you, you can check our video guide.

In this video, you easily understand about the updating processing so let’s have a look on below video of How to update Kodi on firestick?

I hope now you successfully update Kodi so I humbly request you to please share this article on the social media websites and If you like our post and you looking for more this kind of article so subscribe our blog via email.


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