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Mcent Browser

Mcent Browser is the newly launched browser on Google Play Store and now this app is coming on top 5 browser in the world. Millions of people download this browser from Google Play Store and everyone enjoy to using this browser that why today I am write about the Mcent Browser because it’s awesome browser. We are also told you the one best thing about this browser and it is super informative about Mcent Browser. You can already running lot’s of the browsers but I think any browser can’t give you the money for suffering in their browser but Mcent Browser provides you the money.

Mcent Browser

Actually Mcent Browser provides you the points and you can convert these points into mobile recharge and used these points to free recharge on your mobile. If you daily doing suffering in this browser so you received automatically points. Some of the guy’s doing this and build millions of the coins that why I love this browser. If you refer this browser to someone other people’s so you received 40,000 points on each referral and the minimum points required for recharge is 1,49,000 that means If you refer this browser to your 5 friends so you can get one 199 INR recharge for free. Now, I am told you the Mcent Browser features.

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Here is the download link of this browser so you can download by visiting here.

How To Get Free Mobile Recharge?

How To Get Free Mobile Recharge

If you are coming here to get the free mobile recharge by using the Mcent Browser so please follow our process step by step and it’s process provides you the free mobile recharge easily in some minutes.

First of all, Download the Mcent Browser application by using our above Download Button because it’s offer apply only above the button.

Now, Install in your device and after successfully downloading the application you need to open the app.

On the homepage, press on the “I Have Promo Code” section and fill the “3C4DYP” code in the section field and enter.

It is very important step so don’t forget to enter the Promo Code for getting the free recharge.

Then It is asked you to mobile number verification so fill this information clearly wanna you can’t get the free recharge.

After verification it’s asked you to select your mobile sim operator company so select the Sim card operator and press enter.

Congratulations, Now you successfully opted in the points section and now get your start bonus. After suffering some minutes it also provides you more points so suffer.

Terms And Conditions For Free Mobile Recharge

1. You need to suffer daily two minutes for 5 days to getting the points.

2. If you refer this application to someone else so they will also suffer 2 minutes in a day for 5 days. If they can’t suffer for two minutes daily so you can’t receive the points so told him about the conditions.

Now you have 175 points and the minimum requirements for one month recharge is 1,49,000 Points so how you can get the 1,49,000 points? It is very simple Mcent Browser provides you the 40,000 points on each refer to download this application. If you refer 4 people’s so 40,000 × 4 = 1,60,000 and you can get the 1 months recharge.

So let’s take step and refer this application to your classmates, family members and your friends. You can refer this application by using whatsapp and told him to download this app via your link. Please don’t forget to told him the conditions of getting free mobile recharge so hurry up download the app and start refer to your friends.

Mcent Browser Features

Here we point out the some points of this browsers so let’s start and check the features.

Free Recharge Facility

I think every month you need to recharge your mobile but If you running this browser so your problem will be automatically solved. Mcent provide you the free point for suffering their browser and you can convert these points into the free mobile recharge as we already told you in above pheragraphs. Mcent provides you 40,000 points on each refer so If you refer this application to your 5 friends or family members so you can get the almost 2,00,000 points and one month recharge done in 1,49,000 points. This is super feature of Mcent Browser so hurry up and download this application from above button and enjoy the free recharge.

Favourite Sites Included

In this application, The owner of this app already included the best sites section in the browser. Sometimes we forget about our favourite websites but If you see on the top so you can’t forget and that’s another reason why I am love this app. Seriously my some of the budy friends asked me about the best app so I am always recommended Google Chrome and Mcent Browser because it’s work really awesome. You can easily include your all favourite sites in the top section of the apps.

Bonus Points Earn

You can also earn the bonus points by using different ways for getting more points by suffering the browser. If you daily suffer on this browser so you will also get more points.

Ad Blocker And Night Mode Option

For suffering the time of browser you can enable the Ad Blocker mode to remove the unknown ads. Lot’s of website show unknown harmful ads but it id automatically remove the all apps. If you are running this browser in night mode so you can easily enable the night mode for protect your eyes.

Cricket Score Updates

In India, Almost all of the people’s loved the cricket and this browser automatically update you about the cricket score. This one is my favorite because I am cricket fans and really like to keep check the update. If you are also cricket fan so obviously you like this feature so get this application now.

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