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PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite Game is one the great game at this time on all over the world with over more than 500 Million active monthly users. This is the perfect game for all kinds of peoples If you are kid, men, women e.t.c. but I am definitely sure you like this game. It is also known as Player Unknown Battle Ground.

At this time, Every one of the people plays this game and that why we think to provide you PUBG Mobile Lite game so If you are also looking for the PUBG mobile so welcome to the article and I recommended you to after download this game please read this article to the end because I am told you everything about this awesome PUBG Mobile Lite game.

In the last 2 years, Mini Militia is really popular all over the world but now it is replaced by PUBG. We are also playing this game and it gives you awesome enjoy If you have group members so you can create a room and play inside the room.

PUBG Mobile Lite is not available in all country, It is available only in some specific countries. Now let’s start the post and check all the details of PUBG mobile lite.

Note:- If you download this game from the Google Play Store or App Store so you can directly play this game but If you want the Apk file so you also need the OBB file for patching to play this game.

PUBG Mobile Lite Apk

PUBG Mobile Lite

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PUBG Mobile Light is one of the best action and adventure game at this time ln all over the world with more than 500 Million global users. If a new user plays this game once time so he will always play this game.

Most of the country government blocked this game due to overplay by the users and If you are the minor (Under 18 years) so you can only play 4 Hours in a day then your game automatically closed.

You can download the pubg mobile lite via an above link to go and download.

Pubg Mobile lite gives you the unlimited enjoy, Now let’s check about this game.

First of all, 4 Maps is available on this game and you need to pick anyone map which you want to play this game and here is the map list.

  • Erangel
  • Myamar
  • Vikendi
  • Sanhok

I am sure these names are correct but it’s similar and Arcade mode also available so you can do anything on these modes and here is the Arcade mode.

  • Practice Mode
  • War Mode
  • Snipper Mode
  • Mini Mode (15-minute match)

Now, Zombie mode also available so you need to kill all the zombies and also the players.

After picking the map play your game, 100 players will be played on the map so you need to kill 99 other players, other players also killed you and the other one.

An airplane drops you inside the map so first of all, you need to find the weapons for killing your enemies and let’s start.

If you killed all your enemies so you will receive the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

I hope you understand about the game playing details so let’s check the features of this PUBG mobile lite.

Player Unknown Battle Ground Features

Here, I have covered the most important features of this game not all features.

Customize Your Player Character

You can easily customize your player characters such as pick new dress, shoes, shirts, pants and much more things.

This also gives you the weapons skin so your weapons looking different with other people’s.

  • Shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Shirts
  • Shorts
  • Pants
  • Body Color
  • Hair Style
  • Emojis

These are the things you can change on your player.

Pick The Several Maps

PUBG game has 4 different maps so you can play on your favorite map as we already told you about the map but not told you the full details.

  • Erangel: It is the most popular and the best nature map in this game because mostly 70% of PUBG users play on this map.
  • Mayamar: It is the biggest map with dessert so you feel you can play in the desert. If you are running on the playing field so anybody can easily shoot you because they can easily see all opponents in the desert. If you are a lover to taking one on one so this is only for you.
  • Sanhok: This is full of the natural forest area and enemies don’t visible on the grass. If you are a lover to playing in the forest so it’s for you.
  • Vikendi: It is the snow map of Pubg mobile lite and everywhere have snow and you can easily see your all enemies in this map.

These are the 4 maps are available on the PUBG so you can play in anyone.

Different Modes In Pubg Mobile Lite

There are three types of modes available on the pubg mobile lite.

  • Classic Mode
  • Arcade Mode
  • Zombie Mode

In Classic mode, 100 players play in the battle and the last one is the winner of the game.

In Arcade Mode, four types of the match available.

  • Practice Mode
  • Mini Zone
  • Snipper Mode
  • War Mode

Practice Mode: It is for the practice so you can learn new skills in this mode.

Mini Mode: It is also the same as classic mode but the circle area is short to compare with classic and this match end in 15 minutes.

Snipper Mode: In this mode, you only receive the snipper (other weapons not available) so you can pick any sniper and kill your enemies.

War Mode: This is the war mode, A short circle available for all players and all players need to kill more enemies and the end of the game that kills more player is the winner. If you kill once a time in this mode so after 15 seconds you can come once again in playing area.

In Zombie mode, This is the Zombie mode so you need to kill your enemies and also the zombies.

Note: If you dare with zombies so I recommend you to never play this mode because it’s too much daring.

These are the three modes details of the Pubg Mobile Lite.

High Graphics Game

Pubg mobile lite is really one the best graphics game in the world and it is looking like almost real If you are playing your game on the Ultra HDR so it shows you all things easily.

Most of the people’s liked this game because of the structure and graphics so if you are the lover of the awesome graphics so came and play.

Note: Most of the devices only support low graphics so If you want high graphics so you need to purchase the high graphic supported device and high graphics fastly discharge your device.

Too Much Customization

As I am already told you this game have too much customization features so you can customize your player as you want.

If one time you purchase the Royal Pass so you receive more UC, Stunning dresses, weapons skin, and much more things so Royal Pass also gives you more customization options.

Pro Tip: Royal Pass users player characters looking more awesome and always hide inside the tree so enemies can’t find out you.

Full Of Action And Adventure Included

Pubg mobile lite gives you full action and adventure so you never feel boring and lot’s of my friends play this game to enjoy. This game built by the Tencent company, One of the best company in the world.

The best thing about this game It recently defeats the GTA 5 game and become the best game in the world so I hope you understand the popularity of this game. Millions of websites launched PUBG merchandise, cups, and many more products.

How To Install PUBG Mobile Lite?

Many of the peoples also looking for the installation guide so here is the two methods of installation of this game.

  • Apk + OBB Patch
  • Direct From Store

If you want to download the Apk so you also need the Obb file because you need to patch these file on your File manager. (File Manager>>Android>>Obb)

If you download this game via an app store so you don’t need to do this just download and play the game so pick any one of the methods and install on your device.

I hope you like Pubg mobile lite game and also the apk file so If you like this game please share on the social media and do not forget to subscribe our blog via email.


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