Wrestling Revolution 3d WWE Mod

Wrestling Revolution 3d WWE Mod

Wrestling Revolution 3d WWE Mod is an amazing game to playing with another’s wrestlers. It is the super amazing wrestling game.

If you are the great fan of wrestling so I recommend you to download and play this game so you feel amazing.

This game is more popular day by day and the best thing about this game is it is downloaded more than 500 Millions peoples.

If you are looking for the best wrestling game so I guaranteed to tell you it is the best wrestling game in the world.

Some of the guys provide you the Wrestling Revolution 3d WWE Mod game but It is not the good working and he also includes the bad malicious coding on your file.

If you download this game so your mobile will be hacked.

Wrestling Revolution 3d Download

Wrestling Revolution 3d WWE Mod

I know you are excited to download this game but before download, I am providing you the link to go to this link and check the feature of this game.

Here is the roster list for this game.

  • Federation Online
  • All American Wrestling
  • United Kingdom Wrestling
  • Rising Sun Puroresu
  • Maple Leaf Grappling
  • Super Lucha Libre
  • Wrestling School
  • Strong Style
  • Hollywood

Now, I hope you understand about this game and after installing this game, If your device will be not working perfectly so you don’t claim on our website. Download this game at your own risk.

Wrestling Revolution 3d WWE Mod is now available on this post and that why we update this article.

Wrestling Revolution 3d WWE Mod Information

A = Attack, It is the attack tab that mean If you see your opponent then you press on A tab so he attacked.

G = Grapple, It is the grappling tab for grapple your opponents.

R = Run, It is control your remote with running to other side.

T = Cover / Taunt (If you knocked out your opponent so click on this tab and cover your opponent.

E = Eye, It is the eye tab for changing the focus to other player.

Remote: It is the remote that means you control your player side.

Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD Features

3D: The game owner includes the 3D features on this game.

Change Charecter: If you not like your superstar charecter so you easily modified his character inside the setting.

Control Setting: It is provide you full of control on game setting, If you not satisfied with setting so you change manually.

Training Facility: If you are newbie on this game so game provide you the training facility.

Different Roster: Game automatically offer provides you the change this game roster such as move Super Lucha Libe to American Wrestling.

Different Game: It is available in lot’s of type matcher such as single, double, triple threat, hard core and many more e.t.c.

It is the feature of this game and now I tell you the installation guide.

Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD Game Installing Guide

Unknown Sources Open

First of all, you need to open unknown source option in your mobile setting because new version of Android does not allowed to install Mod apps.

Go to your device setting then search the “Unknown” so you see this option after see this option open this tab.

WWE Wrestling Game

He asked you to install this application in your mobile so click on the Install button and wait for installation.

Best Wrestling Game
Best Wrestling Game

After successfully installing this application click on the done tab. Congratulations now it is successfully installed.

Wrestling Revolution 3d Download

Now, open this Wrestling Revolution 3d Mod game in your device. It is available with great features so at this time I tell you the some opening setting.

Play = You can easily play this game after click on this tab.

Universe: In this tab, you easily build your own superstar career and also play great match.

Options: It is setting option tab so you easily modified options.

Guide: If you need the guide to playing this game so click on this tab and check the all information.


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